Is the Mustache Dache Virtual Run for Couch Potatoes?

Whaaaat? You can’t register for Mustache Dache on your city day? Or worse, there is no Mustache Dache in your city? Dahhh-yum! But hey, you can still join the Virtual Run, right? It’s easy. You just get a big bowl of popcorn, sit on the sofa and watch Marathon Man on a loop.

Virtual run fail

You’re doing it wrong, dude.

Naw. Not really. We’ll save the movies and popcorn for the day after after the race.

The Mustache Dache Virtual Run is one that you can do in your own time, at your own pace. You can run your own course too, it just has to be 5K. No skipping corners or jumping on the bus for the last 2K.   If you get a gang of friends together you can still get the kick of running in a crowd but at your own convenient chosen time and place.

Q. When is the Mustache Dache Virtual Run 2015?

A. You must complete the Virtual Run between November 26-29th, 2015. However, Canadians should get their registrations in before midnight on November 11th and US residents should register before midnight on November 17th.

Q. Do Virtual Runners get the Ultra Cool Mustache Dache Running Shirt?

A. ‘Course you do, my little running amigos. As well as the Mustache Dache bib and medal. But, you have to register before November  1 to guarantee that we will have a shirt in your size.

Q. Can kids participate and do they get a shirt too?

A. Can kids participate, you are kidding, right? Kids, loooove Mustache Dache’ing. Something about running in a super cool cape with stuck on whiskers just really speaks to the little whipper-snappers. Kids under 12 can sign up for the Mustache Dache Kid’s Virtual Run. It’s the same distance but registration is cheaper and the kids get a bib, medal and a Mustache Dache CAPE instead of a shirt!  Nacho Libre, anyone?

The kid’s run is for kids 12 & under and costs $20 to enter.  A 5k is usually short enough for all kiddos to reasonably finish.  But really, they’re just doing it for the cape!

Q. I’m a 45 y/o, banker from Michigan. Can I get a Mustache Dache cape instead of a running shirt?

Uhm... can I have a cape?

Uhm… can I have a cape?

A. No.

Q. Do Virtual Runners Get Prizes, Awards and Swag?

A. You get a bib, a medal and a cool running shirt just for before you even run but wait, there’s more. Awards are given for:

  • First to Report their time
  • Most Members in a Team
  • Best Mustache
  • Best Costume/Attire
  • Most Scenic Course
  • Most Amazing Shoes
  • Shortest Shorts (men only)
  • Youngest Runner
  • Oldest Runner
  • Warmest Run
  • Coldest Run
  • Raised Most Money for Men’s Health
  • Best #mustachedachevirtualrun post on Instagram
  • And more…

To win an award in any of the categories you  report your time by 11:59pm PDT.

Q. Where can I get more information on the Mustache Dache Virtual Run 2015?

A. Right here. 

Q. Where can I register?

A. Here: Mustache Dache Virtual Run Registration 


Seattle Rocks Mustache Dache

Seattle lady dachers rocking their 'taches.


We must admit, Seattle knows how to Dache. Each year, Seattleites come with open hearts and hairy faces, ready to run their little socks off for men’s health.

In 2012, Seattle Weekly published The Top Ten Mustaches of Seattle’s Mustache Dache with the following introduction:

You may have noticed more bushy, or pervy, or gross, or awesome, or oldschool, or Magnum PI-looking, or slightly disturbing mustaches roaming the streets of Seattle lately.

This was their winning photograph in which they managed to capture quite a few of the above descriptors. All we can say is brrrr.

Seattle Mustache Dache


Compare the flesh-baring bunch above with the following runners who have taken a more practical approach to the typical Seattle November. Sure looks like their top lips are warm anyway.

The Mustache Dache is a mustache-themed 5K with a post-race party to raise awareness and funds for men’s health, with an emphasis on prostate cancer.  Over 2,000 men, women, and children all participated in the race growing or sporting a mustache for the run. November 17th 2012. (Joshua Lewis / KOMO News)

(Joshua Lewis / KOMO News)

And here we have … well, we don’t know what we have really. Hey, just go with the flo, bro. Don’t get bristly with the photographer.



seattle-bald-dacherAnd we even have the occasional contrarian who shaves their entire body prior to the race. Hey man, we love you. Really.

Seattle Mustache Dache 2016

So brush your bristles, shake out your running shoes and get ready to rock Seattle. We are coming for ya, SOON.

When: November 8th, 2015
Where: Magnuson Park,  7400 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115

Go here for Seattle Mustache Dache Registration and race details.




For the Love of a Magnificent Mustache

There are two kinds of Dachers. There are the always mustachio’d fun runners who proudly join the race sporting their regular quota of facial fur. Then there are those who go to the effort of growing or creating a ‘tache just for the day. We love you all, we really do.

mona-lisa-mustacheWhat we especially like to see however, is a flowing mustache in good order. Of course, there is an honored place in the race even for those who cultivate a more casual, unkempt appearance as well as those who have made an enormous effort to design facial furniture just for the day.

But we reserved our untempered admiration for those cultured gentleman (and rarer, ladies) who take a Victorian pride in cultivating and grooming a truly magnificent mustache. To them we dedicate the following ode to Mr Poppleton’s loyalty to his beloved whiskers …

Meet Luigi, The Mustache Dache Mechanical Bull


Let us be the first to admit that there is a whole lot of bull at every Mustache Dache event!” That’s right. A mechanical bull. His name is Luigi and he is madder’n than a bee stung bear.

Can you sit Luigi till the bell rings? If you can, you might win a … uhm… we don’t know yet. Something spectacular like a mustache grooming kit or a takeaway taco. Or you know, just ride the bull for the sheer bragging rights. Like this guy:


How to Ride a Mechanical Bull

Now some people, obviously not you, but some people do not take mechanical bull riding very seriously. Hard to believe, we know. Those are the people who are going to come a cropper in front of their mocking frineds on the big day, rigth.

But, because we love our blog readers, we here at Mustache Dache want you to look cool in front of your friends. As cool as professional bull rider Will Roberts. So here is a sneaky mechanical bull riding tutorial that will help you sit on Luigi and walk away looking like a rodeo king. Or queen.

Kids Mustache Dache Fun Run

kid-mustachedache Can kids participate in this year’s Mustache Dache?

Of course they can! Are you kidding me? I mean really. Think back. When you were a whipper-snapper would you have liked anything better than pasting a Mario style mustache on your face and spending the day with your buddies?

Just look at these guys. Do they look like they were coerced in any way?

Well, in all fairness, I guess we’d have to say yes, the little pink bobble-head there does not look thrilled with her double tash.

kids-mustachedache2But hey, look at the Girls in Black. They’re having fun right? Rocking their taches and doing their bit for a good cause.

Kids’ Mustache Dache Fun Day Run

  • Teach the kids that it is fun to run!
  • Involve them in a good cause.
  • Tire them out so the grownups can get some much needed downtime.
  • Score lots of cool Mustache Dache swag.

Mustache Dache Kids will receive their own bib, finisher’s medal, and best of all, a Mustache Dache CAPE! Woot woot! Nacho Libre, anyone? The kid’s run is for kids 12 & under and costs $20 to enter and the course is short enough for all kiddos to reasonably finish.

Parents can find information about start times and more for the Kid’s Dache on each city page.

CLIF Kid sponsors the Mustache Dache Kid's Run

Sponsored by:



Some of the Coolest Mustache Dache Team Names

What’s in a name? Who really cares? Check out some of my favorite team names for the Mustache Dache this month.

  • “3 Ladies and a Mustache” –  I hope they keep it well groomed.
  • “Eastside Stubble” – Sounds like a high school gang.
  • “Free Mustache Rides” – Don’t really have to say much here.
  • “Super Mario” – I sure hope they dress the part.
  • “Buttstaches” – I hope they don’t dress the part.
  • “Molestachers” – Creepy. Hide your kids.
  • “Mo’ staches Mo’ problems” – Aint that the truth.
  • “Happy Grandpappies” – Old guys rock!
  • “50 Shades of Stache” – Hope its as good as the book.

Less than 10 days to register!


-Ryan Avila from


Why People are Rocking the ‘Stache at this Year’s Dache

It’s not often you find that someone will do something physical for no reason. Some people want to lose weight, raise awareness or just be a part of something awesome. Below are a few reasons why participants will rock their stache’ at this year’s Mustache Dache.


“Because this event sounds so awesome and its for a good cause! I really want to help raise awareness!”

“My father is a recent prostate cancer survivor and I want to help out in any way that I can. Want to support an amazing cause.”

“I am a one-year cancer survivor”

“We are a group of Family Medicine Physicians that think Prostate awareness is a noble cause and we like growing staches!”

“I have four brothers, a dad, a husband and a new baby boy! I think supporting Movember is important.”


“I like people who can rock the stache with panache. Keeping everyone healthy is important too.”

“My husband had a team and grows a mustache every year for Movember. Have to help in every way I can!”

“To be with my husband.”

“I think mustache’s are neat-o. But since I’m a lady, I don’t want to really have one. But this way, I can pretend for a day.”

“What an incredible reason to dress up as a mighty Swedish Viking!”


“Because I broke my foot on May 26 and have not yet had the guts to get back into running — needed a fun enticing 5k! Plus, I can’t wait to see my husband grow a stache.”

“I’m currently becoming more physically active and I’ve never done a 5k before!”

“My Movember ‘Stache needs the exercise to keep sprouting to full potential.”

“Fun-sounding pun-funny good-intentioned mustache-donning athletic laughing partay is good for my soul! Can’t wait to find a mustache to don and run with harhar. cheers, Angelina”

Whether you want to raise awareness, get in shape, or be awesome, participating in the Mustache Dache is not only apprecaited, but also a way to give back and be a part of something great. Spread the word.


Ryan Avila

A Bull Named ‘Mustache’

Mustache is not your average bull. He does not charge at the color red. He does not weigh 1700lbs. And he does not graze for several hours in an open pasture. Mustache is the mechanical bull whose sole purpose is to knock the mustache off your lip at the Mustache Dache this November.

I like to think the mechanical bull was created because a few drunken cowboys wanted a safer way to ride a bull while intoxicated, but really the mechanical bull was created for entertainment and practice purposes. With the use of a “quick stop” motor, the operator can safely control the ride and regulate the unit’s Buck-and-Spin speed.

The mechanical bull as an entertainment device was popularized by the movie Urban Cowboy, where John Travolta and Debra Winger demonstrated the art of riding a mechanical bull in 1980. Mechanical bulls are a fun way to get the adrenaline flowing, but I prefer seeing them in use at country swing-dancing clubs or bars where women will try to out-do the other. Makes for great entertainment.

Believe it or not, mechanical bull riding can be a workout. I know whenever I get bucked off riding a mechanical bull; I get super sore on my inner-thighs and normally my core feels worked from all that bucking action.

So whether you are a city-slicker or a cowboy, come attempt to ride Mustache the bull at the Movember Mustache Dache.

by Ryan Avila

Mustache Apps you gotta have

Everyone likes a mustache. There are so many styles of mustaches and if you ever wanted to see what one style would look like on you or a friend, here are a few must-have mustache apps for your smart phone.

Mustache me –This app allows you to choose from over a dozen mustaches and goatees. You simply choose your facial hair selection, point your camera phone to a person, aim and take the picture. The only downside to this app is that you can’t take a photo of yourself without turning the phone around.  Available for both iPhones and Android phones.

Super Mustache –Here is an interactive mustache app. First, you choose a stache and hold the phone up under your nose with your screen facing towards your friends. When you talk, the lips will move and the stache will look like it’s on you. Check it out.  Available for both iPhones and Android phones.

LiveStache – Only for iPhones but this is truly the best mustache app around. Livestache uses science to put mustaches on anyone with live video. You place the camera in front of someone and a stache will appear. You can keep it as video or take a snap shot. Super cool and super fun.

There are a few other mustache apps like “Super Mustache” and “Mustache” but those ones costs to download. Feel free to play with any mustache app you find and share your experience with us.

Best, Ryan Avila


Check yourself before you wreck yourself

As men, we sometimes think that we are indestructible, strong, and can do anything. We are full of testosterone and do what we want. With our busy lives full of children, wives, gyms, work, fantasy football, and the occasional men’s night out, we sometimes forget to check ourselves. There are many health issues that may arise from our living habits. Here are a few:

Check your Cholesterol

Most men know that high cholesterol can cause heart disease or heart attack. Most men don’t even know they have high cholesterol. Fortunately, it’s easy to check your cholesterol and if your cholesterol is high, you can take actions to control it.

To check your cholesterol, simply go to a doctor or nurse and they will do a test called a lipid profile to measure your levels. You want your total cholesterol to be under 200.

A few things that may lead to high cholesterol levels are:

  • Family History –High cholesterol can run in the family.
  • Age – Cholesterol levels go up with age.
  • Being overweight or obese.
  • Eating too much saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol.
  • Not getting enough physical activity.

Take Action!

Remember, the higher your cholesterol levels, the higher the chance of heart attack or heart disease. A few things you can do to help keep your cholesterol low.

  • Get active –Workout a few times a week or get involved in recreational activities.
  • Eat healthier foods with low saturated and trans fat.
  • Quit smoking, if you do.


Prevent Kidney Stones

If you have ever experienced a kidney stone or know someone who has, then you know they are horrific. There is nothing more terrifying than the pain of trying to pee a stone out of your urethra. Here are a few ways to prevent kidney stones from developing.

  • Drink plenty of water – Most men who get kidney stones get them from lack of drinking enough water. Be safe and drink half your weight in ounces a day.
  • Stay away from soda –If you consume high amounts of sugar then you are very vulnerable to getting kidney stones.
  • Exercise –The longer you go without physical movement the better chance you have of getting a stone because lack of activity can cause bones to release more calcium.


Prostate Cancer

We all know about it, but not many of us check ourselves for it. Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men in the United States. There are no real signs if you have prostate cancer. You can have a rectal exam to check if your prostate is hard or irregular. A few ways to help prevent prostate cancer are:

  • Have sex –No detail necessary.
  • Aerobic activity –Running, cycling or even dancing.
  • Eat cereal with soy milk –Look for cereals high in flax. Flax and soy contain active ingredients that fight prostate cancer.

When it comes down to health, stay in shape, eat a balanced diet and visit your doctor regularly.