Frequently Asked Questions

Packet Pickup
Refunds & Transfers
Kids, Children & Offspring
Dogs & Strollers
Answers to other questions that do not fall into neatly divided categories but which are still important and frequently asked

Packet Pickup

Q: Can I pick up my packet on the day of the race?
A: Yes.  While we prefer that you pick up your packet prior to race day, packet pickup is available on race day for all Mustache Dache events. Check out the city specific page for details on where/when.

Q: Can I pick up somebody else's packet?
A: Yes.  You can pickup a friend's packet, or a friend can pick up yours, either is fine. You do not need written permission to do so, just the participant's first and last name.

Refunds & Transfers

Q: I can't race!  What are my options? Do you offer refunds?  I registered for the wrong city.  Can I have my entry transferred to a different city?
A: Check out our refund/transfer policy here.

Kids, Children & Offspring

Q: Can little kids do the race?  Is there a minimum age for participation?
A: Yes, they can!  Kids that are able to complete the 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) of the run are welcome to participate.  If that's a bit too much, we recommend that you sign them up for the Kid's Dache, which is a separate event.  Kids in the Kid's Dache will receive a finisher's medal, bib number, and a cape!  (no shirt).  PLEASE NOTE: registering a kid for the kid's dache does not allow them to participate in the 5k.  To do so, they need to register  for the 5k.

Q: I signed up my child for the Kid's Dache.  Can I run with him/her?
A: Yes!  Parents and guardians are allowed to accompany their child in the kid's dache.

Q: Is there an age limit for the Mustache Dache?
A: No age limit.  Participants of any age are welcome.


Q: What is the minimum number of people for a team?
A: A team is 4 or more people.  There is no upper limit on the number of people that can be on a team.  Also, kids registered for the kid's dache can count towards a team--they should register using the "Kid's Team" option.

Q: I want to join a team, or I want to switch teams.  How can I do this?
A: Transferring to a different group/team is as easy as logging into your Eventbrite account, viewing your order under My Tickets and selecting Transfer.  Also, for complete insight into the process, step-by-step directions on transferring to a different group/team can be found in our Help Center.

Q: When registering for a team, do I have to register everybody all at once, or can team members register one at a time?
A: You can register one at a time.  The registration process for a team is as follows: The first person to register (let's call him/her the 'team captain') picks the 'team registration' option and selects to register just 1 person--themselves.  On the registration form, the team captain will click "create a new team" and then select a team name.  They then proceed with registration as normal. Afterwards, the team captain should communicate with the other soon-to-be team members and indicate what the team name is.  Then, when the rest of the team members go to register, they also select the 'team registration' option, and then just pick the team name from the drop down menu on the registration form.


Q: I couldn't come to the race.  Can you mail me my shirt or medal?  Is there some way that I can pick up my shirt?
A: Sorry to hear that you could not join us!  After a Mustache Dache event, we do not mail out shirts or medals, and due to the travelling nature of event production, shirts cannot be picked up after a Mustache Dache event.


Q: Are walkers allowed?
A: Yes!  We welcome mustache aficionados of all speeds.

Dogs & Strollers

Q: Are strollers or dogs allowed?
A: For both dogs and strollers, please consult this PDF to see which cities permit strollers or dogs during the running portion of the event.  If you bring a stroller, please be sure to start near the back or sides of the pack, to allow runners an easy start.  Please note that at events with beer gardens, strollers are dogs are not allowed inside.

 Answers to other questions that do not fall into neatly divided categories but which are still important and frequently asked

Q: I won a prize at a Mustache Dache event, and would like to get it.  Can you mail it to me, or can I come pick it up?
A: You, or a friend, must be present to pick up your award at the Mustache Dache event.

Q: Do I have to have a mustache to do the race?
A: The Mustache Police will be out in full force on Mustache Dache Day and you'll be thrown into jail if you're spotted sans 'stache...yeah right!  While we encourage all men, women, and children to sport one, it's not a requirement.

Q: What should kids and women do?  Should we wear a fake mustache?
A: As a proud supporter of Movember, we are all about real men growing real mustaches.  So, if you're capable of growing a mustache (even if it's scraggly/spotty/sketchy/underwhelming), you should.  If you're not, then fake mustaches are definitely welcome in the interest of mustache solidarity.

Q: Can I register for someone else?
A: You can sign up your kids, if they are 18 or less.  Otherwise, you cannot, whether it's online or in person.

Q: Can I sign up the day of the race?
A: If the race is not sold out at that time, we will offer day of race registration.

Q: Are women welcome to participate?
A: Are they ever?!  To every yin, there is a yang; to every Rebel Alliance, an Empire; and to every man, there is a woman.  Read more about how woman can rock a 'stache.

Q: What should I wear?
A:  A costume, of course!  We'll be having a high-powered costume contest administered by strict former East German Olympic judges, so be sure to show up in a very fine get-up.  If a costume is not your slice of pie, we recommend warm clothing that you can comfortably run in and hang out at the post-race party in.  Layers are advised!

Q: Are there prizes?
A:  Yes.  Copious ones.  Remember the Cornucopia from Hunger Games?  There you go.

Q: Will the Mustache Dache be timed?
A.  Yes, all instances of the Mustache Dache are timed.  Results will be posted online and emailed as soon as possible after each race.

Q: Can I run with my grandma?
A: Can  your grandma run?  If so, most impressive.  Yeah, go run with Granny.

Q: Can I run with Tom Selleck?
A: Do you know Tom Selleck?

Q: What should I expect after the race?
A: Get your photo taken with friends at our photo booth, grab something to eat from, check out our awesome sponsors, vote on your favorite mustache, your favorite costume, get a beer or other similar tasty beverage, and relish the experience.

Q: What if I have a super super critical question and it's not answered here?!
A: Tug on our mustache and contact us.


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