Some of the Coolest Mustache Dache Team Names

What’s in a name? Who really cares? Check out some of my favorite team names for the Mustache Dache this month.

  • “3 Ladies and a Mustache” –  I hope they keep it well groomed.
  • “Eastside Stubble” – Sounds like a high school gang.
  • “Free Mustache Rides” – Don’t really have to say much here.
  • “Super Mario” – I sure hope they dress the part.
  • “Buttstaches” – I hope they don’t dress the part.
  • “Molestachers” – Creepy. Hide your kids.
  • “Mo’ staches Mo’ problems” – Aint that the truth.
  • “Happy Grandpappies” – Old guys rock!
  • “50 Shades of Stache” – Hope its as good as the book.

Less than 10 days to register!


-Ryan Avila from